Sunday, 28 February 2010

Newburgh Pelleting Rebrand

A few years ago Newburgh acquired OSL Pelleting. After a successful time and through talking to our customers we have come to the conclusion that you love the original Sizer name so
we’ve decided to change our name to Sizer Pelleting Solutions.
Along with the name change came a whole rebranding, bringing our literature and website up-to-date.

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  1. One of the World’s best known brand names in pelleting presses returns to the market. Sizer Limited, which is now part of the Newburgh group of companies, is offering its own, UK manufactured Orbit pellet presses under the famous Sizer brand, as well as providing spares and refurbishment services for many other types of pelleting equipment.

    Nick Finch, Technical Director at Sizer, who has been involved with the pelleting industry for over 30 years, said: “All over the world, the Sizer name is known for producing high quality pelleting equipment. It is fantastic to be able to build on this heritage, which goes back over 100 years, and strengthen our support for our existing animal feed customers while launching into exciting new markets with a tried and trusted brand. We offer the capability to produce bespoke machines to suit specific materials and have the expertise in-house to carry out trials of any material to assess its viability for pellet production. This is a great opportunity for customers to benefit from our knowledge and expertise to develop their own pelleting solution.”

    The original Richard Sizer company, which was founded in Hull in 1899, played an important role in the design and manufacture of the very first pelleting presses back in the 1920s, under the world famous Orbit brand. Since then, Orbit has become synonymous with high quality pellet production, as it still is today.

    As well as supplying new Orbit machines, Sizer will also supply component parts for many other pelleting press types, as Nick Finch explains: “We’re not just producing spares for the Orbit machines, but have the expertise to be able to refurbish, service, and provide spares for a number of other manufacturers’ pelleting equipment. We provide a turnkey service, in roller assembly refurbishment for example, which is designed to reduce the lead time and therefore minimize downtime and maximize operational efficiency.”

    Roger Pearson, Managing Director of Sizer, explains: “There is strong demand for high quality, robust pelleting equipment in new markets such as biomass, waste and recycling sectors. People are realising that their waste can first be turned into a pelleted product which makes handling and storage easy, and then, in turn can be used to provide energy efficient fuel for either heating their premises or resale to other parties.”

    He continues: “We have the range of presses to suit every purpose and situation. It is the technical expertise that counts and we have extensive knowledge within our team of all types of pelleting requirements to suit customer needs. And with the backing of parent company Newburgh, direct links to the very best in high precision engineering”

    Orbit pellet presses can be found across the world in a wide range of industries, including animal feed, food and drink processes, biomass and Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). In addition, Sizer has the benefit of spare parts distribution centres in the UK and Holland, providing customers with the highest levels of service, while also partnering with international distributors in countries such as Canada, Japan & Australia.

    For more information on Sizer Limited, contact 01709 724279 or visit our website