Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Official Sizer Launch event

Over 30 delegates from the world of animal feed, recycling and waste management, along with a number of local VIPs, attended a special event held at Sizer recently to mark the official launch of the organisation to potential new markets.

The company, which is part of the Newburgh group, was keen to demonstrate its expertise in providing pelleting solutions for a wide range of different materials, including paper, wood, distilling by-products, pet food, bedding, flour milling, fertiliser and animal feed.

Delegates were welcomed by Newburgh chairman Vincent Middleton and given an insight into the exciting history of the Sizer name, which traces its roots back over 110 years to Richard Sizer, who invented the first commercially viable pelleting press under the Orbit brand.

Managing director Roger Pearson then provided details of Sizer’s exciting plans, which includes the design and manufacture of a new bespoke range of pelleting presses suitable for a wide variety of materials, from domestic to large scale factory usage. He also outlined how the company is currently carrying out pelleting trials on behalf of customers, as part of improving handling for waste product and providing a more carbon neutral way to heat factories and buildings.

Supplying spares and repairs for any brand of pelleting press is also an important part of Sizer’s business and Roger demonstrated at the event how the company provides an exceptional response to servicing, repair and maintenance requirements, whether from customers in the UK or worldwide.

Guests were then given a demonstration of how the Sizer pelleting presses work by production engineer Graham Turner. He showed delegates how office waste paper can be shredded, combined with 10% water, put through an Orbit press to produce pellets that are easy to handle and can be re-used in factories for example to soak up liquid spills such as oil.

Roger Pearson explains: “This was a great opportunity to show potential customers from many different industries just how efficient and versatile our presses are. There are huge opportunities to reduce material transport costs through pelleting, which provides a much more uniform product that is easier to handle and saves on storage space. Customers are looking to make better use of by-products and for an easier method of handling their materials and our pelleting presses can provide huge cost savings and environmental benefits to a business.”

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