Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sizer to pellet manure at Great Yorkshire Show

Want to turn your waste into cash? That’s the question we’ll be asking visitors to our stall at the Great Yorkshire Show this July!

We’ll be demonstrating that with our versatile Sizer S pelleting machine, you can turn waste farming products like paper, wood chippings and manure into pellets that you can either use yourself as a fuel source or sell on.

This innovative idea can help those in the farming and equestrian industries boost their income, by turning waste into a valuable product. Pellets provide a uniform size and shape for traditionally bulky/difficult materials, making handling and transportation easier as well as drastically reducing on storage volume.

There’ll be live demonstrations of our Sizer S pelleting machine at the Great Yorkshire Show, which is being held in Harrogate on 13-15 July. In the Renewable Energy area, we’ll show you how effective our machines are as well as demonstrating how far the possibilities stretch when it comes to pelleting new materials.

Come along to our stand to take advantage of our special Great Yorkshire Show discount – 10% off orders placed on the day – and take part in our ‘guess the weight’ competition to win a digital camera.

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